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1. SPACE. Rental Fee with Wall or Wall Drape and one table is $250. Space must be reserved and paid for no later than Monday, Sept 24, 2018. Spaces will be available on a first come first serve bases so try to book and reserve early. Payment due at time of reservation.

2. VENDOR BOOTH STAFFING. Two Vendor Badges per booth purchased will be given before opening of event. Authorized representatives must staff Vendor booth(s) during all hours. Vendors are asked to be at the event for the three-day period when the Convention is open for the Convention attendees. If you cannot attend the entire event, please make arrangements prior to the Convention. A non-staffed booth is totally at the risk of the Vendor.

3. VENDOR SETUP AND TEAR DOWN POLICY. The 2017 Cult Classic Convention will be held at The Bastrop Convention Center in Bastrop, Texas.

All vendor booths must be dismantled by Sunday, Sept. 30th, 2018 at 7:00pm. Vendors may only move in or move out during the designated time periods. Vendors may not set up their booths after the convention has opened. Vendors may not pack their products or tear down their booth(s) before the convention closing. The set- up schedule is as follows:

Thursday, Sept 27, 2018
Friday, Sept 28, 2018
Saturday, Sept 29, 2018
Sunday, Sept 30th, 2018

Convention dates and hours:

September 28th Friday 5PM to 11:00PM
September 29th Saturday 11AM to 7PM
September 30th Sunday 11AM to 5PM

VIP Hours:
Priority advanced admission one hour early!
September 29th Friday 4PM to 11PM
September 30th Saturday 10am to 7PM

Because of the Cult Classic Conventions concern for potential liability, we cannot accept vendors who cannot comply with this policy. Vendors who disregard this policy shall be excluded from future Cult Classic Conventions until reinstated by Cult Classic Convention. If an early departure becomes necessary due to an emergency, we must be informed in advance prior to booth tear down and arrangements will be made to assist you without endangering the public if the Convention is open.

4. VENDOR DISPLAY POLICY. A booth consists of one six (8) foot table, and two chairs. There will be a charge for additional tables. Vendors may not exceed the booth area reserved by the Vendor. Vendors will not be permitted to put on demonstrations unless the Cult Classic Convention is notified in advance and sufficient aisle space exists to support an audience. Vendors are strictly prohibited from making any requests to the convention center staff. All vendor requests will be made through the Cult Classic staff representative.

5. SPACE DISPLAY INTERFERENCE. No Vendor may interfere with or block a neighboring Vendor. Display material exceeding three feet in height above a table may not extend more than four feet from the back of the booth without permission from the neighboring Vendor. Vendors who have end or corner booths may not exceed the three-foot height limitation on the back or side rail without permission from the neighboring Vendor. Display materials at the back of the booth may not exceed the eight-foot height of the drape.

6. SAFETY PROVISIONS. Vendor must provide the necessary shielding or safety items to protect attendees, Vendors and all others from equipment that may cause bodily harm. Electrical wiring and equipment must meet the standard electrical codes. All costs for electrical equipment (cords, power strips, etc.) that are supplied by the convention center will be borne by the Vendor.

7. MERCHANDISE. Spaces are for the sales of merchandise only (no food or drink items unless pre-approval from your Cult Classic Representative). No weapons are allowed.

8. MOVING SAFETY. Please note for safety reasons during the move in and move out periods, the Bastrop Convention Center does not permit children less than 18 years of age in the Convention Vendor area unattended by an adult.

9. INDEMNIFICATION. Vendor shall defend, indemnify and hold the Cult Classic Convention harmless from any claim or lawsuit arising from any act or omission on the part of the Vendor, its agents, employees or assigns that may cause harm to others, including but limited to any and all claims or lawsuits arising from or concerning retail licensing and licensing, copyrights and patents of the merchandise sold by Vendor. In the event the Cult Classic Convention takes legal action to enforce this provision and prevails, Vendor shall be responsible for the payment of all costs, expenses and attorney fees incurred by the Cult Classic Convention in pursuit of such enforcement.

10. POINT OF CONTACT. for all vendors is Theresa Jara (817) 217-5115 and Lisa Rose (216) 780-5013